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The Boston Public Schools is committed to bringing Internet safety strategies to the members of its community. The technology support teachers in every school are required to become Internet safety certified through i-SAFE, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the online experiences of youth everywhere.

BPS Cyber Safety Campaign

During Summer 2006, the BPS technology department hired (2) high school students and (1) college intern. The students were asked to help develop some materials schools could use for kindergarten and 1st graders to help explain the issues covered in the district’s Acceptable Use Policy. The student interns created BPS Cyber Safety Heroes. Bunker Hill Community College printed the posters featuring the Cyber Safety Heroes in English and in Spanish and they were distributed to all elementary and middle schools. The high school students also produced a CD containing activities featuring the Cyber Safety Heroes including a crossword puzzle, a word search, and a maze. More information about the Cyber Safety Campaign can be found at www.bpscybersafety.org along with tons of resources for students, parents, and educators.

Connecting with other community partners

BPS Technology department formed an advisory committee with members of Boston Police, School Police, District Attorney General’s office, Bunker Hill Community College, and community-based computer center directors. The goal is to share resources and ideas about how to expand the program in the city.

Connecting with corporate partners

Several corporate partners have expressed an interest in getting involved with the BPS Internet Safety Campaign. Outreach to those partners is underway.

Bunker Hill Community College – Computer Forensics Grant

Bunker Hill Community College received a grant to establish a Computer Forensics program of study from the National Science Foundation. The grant is focused on Internet safety for youth. The grant also involves several other mass community colleges. The colleges are developing courses in Internet security. Bunker Hill CC offered seats to (7) BPS teachers and (8) high school students who will take the course on-line (CIT-118 Principals of Internet and Information Security).